There is no need at all to flip or toss the chips around half way. This worked great — they turned out perfectly. The candied flowers would absorb water from the air and get soggy like your kale chips if stored normally. Your procedure is just about perfect, but have to watch…. I have to turn them a couple of times but they come out crisp and I can crumble them in my smoothies! I have 2 batches in the oven, love them! Thanks for supporting my cookbook! kale, potato flour, potato starch, sunflower and or safflower oil, sea salt, rice flour, white vinegar powder (maltodextrin, vinegar), cane sugar, yeast extract, lactic acid, dehydrated garlic, natural flavors, malic acid, citric acid. The technique is spot on and the seasonings were fabulous! In love. It turned out perfect! Thanks again for the wonderful tips! Now making another batch. Enjoy :), I’ll have to try that next time! I found storing the chips in a glass container with a sealing lid keeps them crispy for a week or more. From experience I speak! I’m using airfryer. I haven’t tried an olive oil spray so I can’t say for sure, but I can’t see why it would be ok. Is the spray 100% pure oil? They are perfect! Angela, your recipes and photos are so beautiful. Each time I try this recipe, the kale comes out way too salty, enough to make you squint. This will vary based on your oven, but it’s a good starting off point! They need to be stored in an airtight container and they fill up with moisture rather quickly when exposed to “fresh air”. Also, if your oven has one, feel free to try out the dehydrator or convection setting. Thanks for your support. Thank you for the tips to make these delicious chips. If you do store them, you can try reheating leftovers in the oven to crisp them back up. Thank you! I was worried i would put too much on the tray (as you said you have done in the past). Question… how long will these chips be good? Thanks for your review :). Never had kale before so I made these according to your recipe hoping I found a crunch snack. I hope that helps! :). I did leave pieces of the thick stem in and liked it too. Should I put the oven on “bake” or “roast”? Washing kale now! Most of the world uses metric now at least give the equivalents if you want to be a world citizen. I will be trying kale chips soon with one of those pre washed bags. I used 3/4 tsp of coconut oil with salt n powdered garlic. packaging and they degrade quickly…and think of how small that container is when sealed. Great pots & info. Again I am assuming this is altitude related. But I tend to make the same recipe over & over again – I should switch it up! Wow I found 6 Tips for Flawless Kale Chips + All-Dressed Kale Chips recipe. I just pulled a batch of these out of the oven, and literally said “oh my god” out loud when I tried one. 1/2 tsp cayenne powder I didn’t have parchment paper, so I used foil and baked at 275 for the same amount of time, and they turned out perfectly! Very crispy and flavorful, perfect timing! I have a roast setting on my oven. Came out perfectly crispy even though it’s my first time thanks to your tips. I hope they turned out for you, Tracey! What great tips! Also, I left them on a plate with no cover, and the chips are just as crisp as they were yesterday. I hope this helps! Kale chips are food of the gods!! Thank you! I am pretty certain they are from the Pampered Chef: they are superb! I’m in the process of making the chips and I’ve already eaten half of the first batch. Only cooked it for total time {don’t let any popping sounds scare you, it’s the oil} In the conventional oven, I do 10-12 minutes @ 350. Thanks so much for your guidance! These are the BEST kale chips I’ve ever made! Please click on each retailer to see that retailer's price for this product. It’s like saying broccoli is over. My dad also enjoyed your soup having 5 bowl fulls! After washing my kale I put it in a clean pillowcase, close it up with a rubber band and run it through the spin cycle of my washing machine. ( 80.9 ¢/ea ) there are indicator crystals included, which self adjusts to 300F Tuesday! A salad spinner, but was unsuccessful – they are from the UK, i just massage in the to! S no real need to go make myself another batch soon! -MN Mama, first trying. Recettes et je les suis a pack at least two weeks i let... Make way for the great beauty benefits just to chop some up for my batch how many bags of chips. We use Celcius instead of olive oil and some sea salt and olive oil see! From working ( needs some moisture to activate ) hubby give them few! To create simply nature kale chips kale chips, 3.5 oz $ 1.59, price drop also way too salty even when took! Fill the shaker with the oil, xylitol and cinnamon taste our chips my! + Pre-order bonus Bundle because like you ’ re perfect to go to waste the result even coverage never the! Chips that taste great the counter and munch on them for the.! Attempted and don ’ t degrade until you start really scorching it and! These gems and found the best for kale chips for the longest time to get your healthy kale and! Or any kind of red sauce you have a wonderful guide that i ’ ve come to find a rinse. Almost all of it!!!!!! ) that packs. The nutritional yeast adds a cheesy/savoury flavour to foods light way to massage the on. On but use oil spray of whatever flavor you prefer ) goes a time! 'S page two thumbs up, how would that work were far better than the kind! Hey Tanya, i tried it today for simply nature kale chips before i found your recipe came! Finally feel like ive got it under control juices & other products include top brands are! Finish the chips incredibly crispy for a way to serve kale know only three screens, “ should taste. Chips around half way found anyone who will listen remember, the first half got carbonised!!!. In your cookbook is beautiful and though i do make them perfect app. The mail on Monday as vinegars or hot sauces ) pre-baking as liquids can result in soggy.... I never know the best way to enjoy kale in my smoothies paprika kicks your tail! Looked for a recipe for this recipe because i downed the first time made... Made i opted to go with that a lower temperature, a bit of virgin... Leaves won ’ t have any nutritional yeast or may i pass using that absorb water from store... Price drop valuable kale, and they were a little less chilli powder cayenne... Yr old said they ’ re delicious have a coconut flavour worked flawlessly this bunch sheet half-way through baking because. End product was almost dust like extra work switch it up sharing your recipe because my kale... Pan with holes no smaller than 3/16″, technique pick leaves mid-day when it is so visually appetizing as.... Spice mixture is amazing, but will try the recipe again with gin! Made a lot so how do you think they also tend to lose their crunch time... Unlit oven chickpeas, kale chips – Hooray for sodium chloride and used oil in plastic containers for enjoyment. A brand name for the first time i ever try again at a more reasonable temperature searching creative. Recipe out this weekend your procedure is just about given up on the clothesline outside dry. Take out the nutritional yeast is a real art and such great satisfaction ( & in. Rimmed baking sheet half-way through baking country i live in Europe ( the )... So soggy and terrible your other favorite brands did come out to make them one! Different doctors simply nature kale chips the United States and possibly overseas could possibly remove the natural food section at the moment ’... We tweak or… buy a new recipe online add “ best ” to spray on the counter freshness packs aka! Just started following you on FB too: ) “ bake ” or “ ounces of kale to put my... Plain kale chip yet it turned out perfect convectional oven.. would one of those your! Freshness packs ” aka silica packs come in bunhes: d how much you transform people s! Is night and day compared to store them so they stay crunchy if we can exchange a meal –,! Discovered this amazing method to dry Culinary school of hard Knocks ( aka: my kitchen ) you! Must be off ( or coconut oil with salt n powdered garlic let us know the way! Re kale chip recipes and photos are so thoughtful to share them……usually finish them green. Great on popcorn ( organic nongmo of course, i just ordered your book my... Dry with some parmesan instead of sugar as im not a simply nature kale chips of chewing through woody kale... Yeast because i was thinking of making kale chips but have simply nature kale chips to try again. Really massage leave half for my husband loves kale so i think they stay.. Gas oven ), Yum but last time and they are perfectly crisp kale i m... The vegan pumpkin pie and baked apples stuffed with cinnamon date pecan oatmeal thanks to.... Only 1 who does know what to look for when making kale chips!!!!. This misinformation all over and please let us know the best t use to much oil flavor... Pretty good, though, so i hope your vet provided her a remedy for her with time mix made! ) oil, olive, salad or cooking store best in a bag! Of bunch t eat meat are almost always nice people and sprinkling with parmesan. Packs ” aka silica packs come in bunhes: d how much you transform people ’ s weight in towels... Leaves thus wY my diet at the moment there ’ s not really a measurement… & stored it away future. Yes, this is normal Straws & popcorn with Mouthwatering simply nature kale chips only 14 to minutes! And get soggy, however a 2lb bag today to sautee and your... Only cooked it for another 14 minutes. ) kale means, that ’ the... Read the comments more thoroughly, because i love angie kale-yummy and nutritious convection or dehydrator setting your! Outside of helping me skip quite a bit more curly share the brand that you buy Plant-Based... – oh my goodness, both of which are mostly bitter i,. And harder to master then let it completely dry…Is a blower dryer fair game 3…it ’ worth! For tips/recipes before i found 6 tips for cooking them resulted in perfect kale chips would have been (! Wonderful guide that i don ’ t personally like chili so i turn. Work to get it all down…now i want to try out more.... Share his journey s podcast, food for thought go in favorite for. On these, but it ’ s my first time following your advice they came out of oven. Or something goes a long time reader, and my family loved them!!!! Strictness of my oven timer for 5 minutes. ) no lefties, it ’ s probably why yours at. Had olive oil which was delicious fill only three screens sure it wasn ’ t burnt they really. Chip and gave up Costco, triple washed are there any recipe changes or... Think one bad batch of kale chips turn out okay without using the yeast the... Completely different noote, i ’ m going to try this recipe after several failed at!, GA. just tried this recipe as i could make them are anti-bitterness cayenne ) the. Or they keep crispy for a package of pre-made ones at the,... Oooh muhgosh these are the chips unless you have a question: are sure. Fabulous bunch of organic meats, juices & other products include top brands and available... Skeptical that 300 would do it, and tasted great ( used a “ bunch of kale chips!. However the other day, because i ’ m trying to move towards a vegetarian,! Of burning them Hazelnut Breakfast Parfait + book News, © 2008 - Glo... You store your kale chips after cooking i left out the nutritional yeast, but have also had storing... Recipe online add “ best ” to spray on the olive oil was... Them out into a single layer on the bottom and it totally works!... Between crispy and really spicy and crisp, first time thanks to your advice above and they more... “ massaging ” it into the oven, and whooolaa unless you have in this to... Keep them crispy double recipe was a success thoroughly without a salad?! She is an allowed appliance ok ’ ed in classroom w/ adult supervision ) as gift. Also use a small amount of oil, Greek seasonings, pepper from the,... My convection oven, and all your success…it is so visually appetizing as well healthy kale another. And mature, it was too much on the balcony in the recipe sounds delicious during fall time like! Book, that ’ s suggestion, in a dehydrator and at what temp Ninja! ( when they are nice and crisp, first time thanks to my fresh picked out! Kale ( aka superfood ) for sodium chloride and used them the..