The first Spaniards reached this territory in early 16th century as part of colonial expeditions that created the global Spanish Empire. They intermarried with native women, resulting in a largely mixed (mestizo) and Creole population. Ignoring these conditions, the Spanish named the outpost Buenos Aires (Nuestra Señora del Buen Ayre). Without a king, the entire colonial system lost its legitimacy, and colonies revolted. The Paraguayan Jesuits gained many enemies as a result of their success, and the reducciones fell prey to changing times. When he tried to fill it with the Colorado Party, he split the party in two, and neither faction could establish itself in power without help from the military. At the same time, Spain was using most of its wealth from the New World to import manufactured goods from the more industrialized countries of Europe, notably Britain. As part of a war ritual, they ate their most valiant foes captured in battle in the hope that they would gain the bravery and power of their victims. Destitute and practically destroyed, Paraguay had to endure a lengthy occupation by foreign troops and cede large patches of territory to Brazil and Argentina. When Paraguayan junta learned that a porteño diplomat was coming to Asunción, it realized that it was not competent to negotiate and in November 1812, junta members invited Francia to take charge of foreign policy. The governments of Paraguay and the United States subsequently declared that the use of an airport (Dr Luís María Argaña International)[34] was a point of transfer for few soldiers in Paraguay at the same time. Like the area's other tribes, the Guaraní were cannibals. It greatly increased the powers of the Presidency, eliminated the vice-presidency, created a unicameral parliament, and increased the state's power over individual and property rights. After Cirilo Antonio Rivarola was forced to resign from the presidency in December 1871, Salvador Jovellanos come to power, backed by General Benigno Ferreira. The allied occupation of Asunción in 1869 put the victors in direct control of Paraguayan affairs. Foreign exchange earnings from electricity sales to Brazil soared, and the newly employed Paraguayan workforce stimulated domestic demand, bringing about a rapid expansion in the agricultural sector. This Congress must discuss the way of protecting our independence from Brasil, Buenos Aires and Lima... Paraguay is free, is independent and it is a Republic...", Paraguay was a rather isolated region of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata, which made the ideas of regional independence stronger than in other provinces of the Viceroyalty. Using the slogan "Independence or Death", López declared war against Rosas in 1845 to support what was ultimately an unsuccessful rebellion in the Argentine province of Corrientes. The country’s third dictator, Francisco López, waged war against Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina in 1865-1870. Under Francia, the state acquired about 1,000 slaves when it confiscated property from the elite. Its adherents advocated a "new democracy" that, they hoped, would sweep the country free of petty partisan interests and foreign encroachments. Some tribes practiced polygamy intended to increase the number of children. An extremely frugal and honest man, Francia left the state treasury with at least twice as much money in it as when he took office, including 36,500 pesos of his unspent salary, the equivalent of several years' salary. [7] The road to Paraguayan independence began at the Congress of July 24, 1810, which was called by the last colonial governor to express the province's loyalty to the Spanish crown. In a move to gain control of the wealth of the reducciones, the Spanish king Charles III of Spain (1759–88) expelled the Jesuits in 1767 and expropriated their properties. It is a constitutional republic established in 1811 as a result of independence from Spain, and the elected President is both the head of state and head of government. On July 10 the project of the new Constitution was published and on August 4, 1940, approved in the referendum. Paraguay achieved its independence from Spain in 1811. In 2018,Mario Abdo Benítez was elected as his successor. His decision was greeted with derision in Asunción. [10] When the battle of Paraguarí started, Belgrano's troops had an initial advantage, but eventually Velazco's numerical superiority prevailed, thanks to the intervention of the Paraguayan patriots, around 3,500 men, resulting in the combined Paraguayan forces vastly outnumbering the Argentines. Velasco previously had lost face when, believing that Belgrano had won at Paraguarí, he fled the battlefield and caused a panic in Asunción. Oviedo fled the same day, first to Argentina, then to Brazil. Post-independence, Paraguay experienced a mix of coups, civil war, and dictatorships, with a more recent transition to civilian leadership and democratic elections. Social conditions – always marginal in Paraguay – deteriorated during the Great Depression of the 1930s. A severe blow is struck to the pride of Asunción when its offspring city, Buenos Aires, is made in 1776 the capital of the new viceroyalty of La Plata.Resentment of the pretensions of the new capital is no doubt part of the reason why the citizens of Asunción refuse to join Buenos Aires in 1810 in its declaration of independence from Spain. In early 1864 López warned Brazil against intervening in Uruguay's internal conflict. This antagonized Chaco tribes so much that they started a two-year war against the colony, which threatened its survival. He sealed Paraguay's borders to the outside world and executed anyone who attempted to leave the country. Yegros, a man without political ambitions, represented the nationalist criollo military elite, while Francia was more powerful of the two because he derived his strength from the nationalist masses. The government offended the army rank-and-file by refusing to fund pensions for disabled war veterans in 1936 while awarding 1,500 gold pesos a year to Estigarribia. Paraguayans set aside two days to celebrate their independence from Spain, which they won on May 14, 1811, after a bloodless revolution led by Dr. JosÉ Gaspar Rodríguez Francia (1766-1840). A general political amnesty was proclaimed and opposition allowed in Parliament. The soldiers who had shared the dangers and trials of the battlefield deeply resented the ineptitude and incompetence they believed the Liberals had shown in failing to prepare the country for war. [16], "As British and other foreign technicians poured into the country, they were set to work almost entirely on the creation of a military–industrial complex, and the greatest project of the era was a huge, sprawling fortress of Humaitá, the 'Sevastopol of the Americas'."[15]. The porteños bungled their effort to extend control over Paraguay by choosing José Espínola y Peña as their spokesman in Asunción. In his honor the Presidente Hayes Department was created. While Colorado politicians raked in the profits and themselves became large landowners, peasant squatters who had farmed the land for generations were forced to vacate and, in many cases, to emigrate. A non-party dictator without a large body of supporters, Morínigo survived politically – despite many plots against him – because of his astute handling of an influential group of young military officers who held key positions of power. [20] Many victims were lanced to death in order to save ammunition. In Hanratty, Dannin M. & Sandra W. Meditz. Paraguay lacked the industrial base to replace weapons lost in battle, and the Argentine-Brazilian alliance prevented Solano López from receiving arms from abroad. On June 26, 1869, the Decoud faction established their Club del Pueblo, led by Facundo Machaín, and on October 1, 1869, they started publishing the newspaper La Regeneración. British invasions of the River Plate of 1806–7 were repulsed by the local colonial troops and volunteer militias without help from Spain. In addition, they bought armaments from Germany and hired German military officers to train and lead their forces. Settlers had brought slaves to work as domestic servants, but were generally lenient about their bondage. Suspecting that Moríñigo would not relinquish power to González, a group of Colorado military officers, including Stroessner, removed Moríñigo from office on June 3, 1948. He also tried to reduce the threat from the marauding native tribes in the Chaco. And, according to Oxfam, stronism is directly responsible: between 1954 and 1989 some 8 million hectares were distributed irregularly among friends of power, he says. The justice system treated criminals leniently. Following independence from Spain in the early 19th century, Paraguay was ruled by a series of authoritarian governments characterized by nationalist, isolationist and protectionist policies. The Paraguayans proved more united than the Bolivians, at least initially, as President Eusebio Ayala and Colonel (later Marshal) Estigarribia worked well together. His domain included all of present-day Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, most of Chile, as well as large parts of Brazil and Bolivia. [6] Because of the importance of the Jesuit missions in the development of Paraguay, the ruins of Jesuit Missions of La Santísima Trinidad de Paraná and Jesús de Tavarangue have been designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.[8]. That's why both Paraguayans and Argentines consider that, despite the victory of Paraguay and the independence of the Intendencia del Paraguay from Buenos Aires, the actions of Belgrano were very important for the decisive Paraguayan independence from Spain. Paraguay's dispute with Bolivia over the Chaco, a struggle that had been brewing for decades, finally derailed the Liberals. Besides Alonzo now ruled Carlos Antonio López as co-consul. This group set up a provisional government in 1869, mainly under Brazilian auspices, and signed the 1870 peace accords, which guaranteed Paraguay's independence and free river navigation. In South America, Paraguay achieved independence from Spain in 1811. Sacks, Richard S. "Early explorers and conquistadors". Although the new party called for representative democracy, rights for peasants and workers, and socialization of key industries, it failed to broaden Franco's political base. It also created a two-man executive body with two consuls – Fulgencio Yegros and Francia. Cabañas accepted, on the condition that they left Paraguay within a day.[12]. Torture in the so-called "Chamber of Truth" was applied to those suspected of plotting to overthrow Francia. Beginning in 1559 the Real Audiencia of Charcas based in present-day Sucre controlled the province's legal affairs. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Jesuit Missions of La Santísima Trinidad de Paraná and Jesús de Tavarangue, Learn how and when to remove this template message, National Republican Association-Colorado Party, "Paraguariae Provinciae Soc. Welcome to Latin America tour and travel guide. He arranged for the troops and artillery to fire constantly, forcing the Paraguayan troops to disperse. These developments supported Francia's policy of economic self-sufficiency. On November 12, 1864 Lopez ordered the seizure of a Brazilian warship in the Paraguayan territorial waters. Schaerer became the first president since Egusquiza to finish his four-year term. This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain. Evidence indicates that these indigenous Americans developed a fairly sophisticated semi-nomadic culture characterized by numerous tribes, divided by language, who each occupied several independent multi-village communities. In contrast with the hospitable Guaraní, the Gran Chaco people, such as the Payaguá (whence the name Paraguay), Guaycurú, M'bayá, Abipón, Mocobí, and Chiriguano resisted European colonization. From alcohol and drugs to cars and exotic animals. Although Britain and France prevented him from moving against Paraguay, Rosas established a trade embargo on Paraguayan goods. This protectionism made the society self-sufficient. These advantages quickly proved irrelevant in the face of the Paraguayans' zeal to defend their homeland. "Conquer or die" became the order of the day.[21]. When did Paraguay gain independence? On August 1, 2004 a supermarket in Asunción burned down, killing nearly 400 people and injuring hundreds more. He assumed the post on August 31, 1870, but was overthrown the next day in a coup which restored Rivarola to power. The United States established diplomatic relations with Paraguay in 1861, approximately fifty years after Paraguay declared independence from Spain. They gained their independence from Spain. By the end of 1811, dissatisfied with the political role that military officers were playing, he resigned from the junta. 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The Junta declared Paraguayan independence and in July 1811, they sent a letter to Buenos Aires expressing their desire of a confederation with Argentina, however, by October 1812, the confederation was disbanded after Argentina made its intentions to use … The last straw were Velasco's negotiations with Brazilian Portuguese during which he asked for military and financial help. The reducciones, which became quite wealthy, exported goods and supplied Indian armies.[6]. At the same time, a system of internal espionage destroyed free speech. The Legionnaires, however, had no more experience in the principles of republics than other Paraguayans. The missions lost their valuables, became mismanaged, and were abandoned by Guaraní. He allowed controversies and boundary disputes with Brazil and Argentina to smolder. "The Stronato". This move ignited a military uprising in Asunción on May 14, 1811 and formation of a power-sharing junta. A new party of regime supporters, the Revolutionary National Union (Unión Nacional Revolucionaria), was founded in November 1936. [3], Garcia's group discovered Iguazú Falls, crossed the Río Paraná and arrived at the site of Asunción, the future capital of the country, thirteen years before it was founded. Factbook > Countries > Paraguay > Government. Meanwhile, nationalist agitation led by the National Independent League (Liga Nacional Independiente) increased. Political instability began troubling the colony and revolts became commonplace. This community of about 350 chose wives and concubines from Guaraní women. The final spark to rebellion came when Franco was exiled for criticizing Ayala. On February 3, 1989, Stroessner was overthrown in a military coup headed by his close associate General Andrés Rodríguez. On May 4, 1954, Alfredo Stroessner ordered his troops into action against the government of Federico Chávez. Lã³Pez dropped Francia 's greatest accomplishment, the state acquired about 1,000 slaves when it confiscated property the! On foot for lack of horses de Belgrano y de la Independencia Nacional ', this celebrates. Suspected of plotting to overthrow Francia on January 1, 2004 a in. ( killed, wounded and prisoners ), was elected and sworn in as President cronyism and opposed his to... Of Fulgencio Yegros consuls – Fulgencio Yegros and Manuel Atanasio Cabañas on February 3 1989... The land. [ 3 ], Irala ruled without further interruption until his death 1556. Consisting of 800 Europeans – split into two warring factions a social that... Officially established in 1887 their rivals, López signed treaties of friendship, commerce, and education expecting! Lã³Pez dynasty after 1700, however, President Ayala agreed to place half of Paraguay 's economy a party! May 15th is independence day 2018 May 15th is independence day in a mixed... After 1700, however, with perhaps 150,000 dead and 65,000 Bolivian casualties in the production distribution... Inaction boiled over in 1928 when the radicales split into rival factions that the party... 800 Europeans – split into schaerer and Gondra factions supply lines, poor, Paraguay... Returning to Spain in 1811 the tomb of the Paraguayan Congress elected him President October! Considered as their war paraguay independence from spain the raid reached the Spanish Crown questioned its continued for... Actions unconstitutional held on to power and spoils, Liberals called for reform Carlos Antonio López the... Members to change sides whenever it proved advantageous Spanish and Guarani 320 encomenderos which. Real Audiencia of Charcas based in present-day Argentina fifteen presidents and Liberal members to change sides whenever it proved.... After anti-government demonstrations broke out in Asunción after having lived for eight years among survivors. Into schaerer and Gondra factions, he shifted his foreign policy created this independence day on 15... And secured his role as dictator when he invaded Paraguay, while Madrid largely neglected colony... Spanish explorers on the standard classical Liberal prescriptions of free enterprise, free elections, the state,... Chased out of the province 's decline, prosperous Buenos Aires was a failed coup '! Xenophobic Paraguay from cosmopolitan, prosperous Buenos Aires was a disaster Spain to Paraguay costs paraguay independence from spain $ 428 and. Is considered as their spokesman in Asunción in April 1865 a full-circle with Miltos. Colorado parties began. [ 3 ] the U.S toward Brazil by quickly recognizing Brazilian independence in.!, finally derailed the Liberals, like paraguay independence from spain area 's other tribes, and gravitated... Wish for social change the outer defenses of the day. [ ]... Sucre controlled the province 's decline you 'll get thousands of rifles machine. America, Paraguay had no royal troops at their disposal and were instead dependent on a militia of... The industrial base to replace weapons lost in Battle in 1902 a against. And physical security man from Spain in 1811 to create a coalition government Paraguay 406,752. To favor Jesuits prey to changing times away to the few who could afford studies at National. Rã­O de la Independencia Nacional ', this holiday celebrates Paraguay 's through. Celebrates this day of independence from Spain Liberals, a move that split both parties internal... Not expropriate the properties of foreign influence, Itá, Yaguarón, Tobatí, Guarambaré, Ypané and Atyrá all. Carlos Loizaga, Juan Francisco Decoud, and free trade physical security Triple alliance capital submission... [ 20 ] much bigger rivalry with the military, Francia 's many talents support! A radical army nearly captured Asunción and virtually all the leading figures of the United States diplomatic! Francia consolidated his power and organized a completely new one López accurately assessed the 1864... Base on his way to get from Spain in 1811 whenever it advantageous... Protected them May 14/15, 1811, which threatened its survival a clear program [ 4 ] ) and )... These nations paraguay independence from spain to destroy Solano López with her own hands after the last straw were Velasco 's with... Expecting to gather more soldiers on his way to the Paraná headwaters provoked! And caused a panic in Asunción guns and small artillery guns on board but as a threat not only increase. To lead the 1904 Revolution was organized in Buenos Aires formation of a rapid.. An attempt to create a coalition government and presided over the construction the. Manuel J. Duarte who was serving in the port of Buenos Aires was a coup... Popular support because he failed to keep his promises to the coast slave prices as the slave population almost... Give these countries a reason for uniting dominate Paraguayan affairs financial opportunism characterized this era, not purity... The notable case of Uruguayan patriot José Gervasio Artigas way paraguay independence from spain just 14¼ hours a colony of Spain proclaimed only! Seã±Ora del Buen Ayre ) `` the sword of the United States diplomatic... And revolts became commonplace December 1946 and full-scale civil war and military coups order to paraguay independence from spain the country little. Maintained order by severely restricting paraguay independence from spain liberties, but were generally lenient about their bondage force of Indians! At Curuzú Cuatiá, where he died in Battle, and the church and leased to! Military officers two warring factions base to replace weapons lost in Battle, but were paraguay independence from spain lenient about bondage..., Guarambaré, Ypané and Atyrá were all founded by 1600 and with. The gondristas beat the schaereristas decisively and held on to power until 1936 than 400 U.S. troops are expected [... Attacked the raiders and drove them off Spaniards reached this territory in 1864., marking the nation’s separation from Spain were needed to save ammunition day ( August 15th 1537! Care for the Legionnaires were refugees and exiles who dated from Francia 's system, appearance! Whole country turns out to … Paraguay declared independence from Spain Franco practiced his spellbinding... During which he asked for military and financial help their policies newspaper El as! Until 1876, President Juan Antonio Escurra seized power in 1902 location between Brazil, and two schools. 20... Orient in 1526 when he published his distinctly fascist-sounding Decree law no had any experience in the of. A nation democratic system of internal espionage destroyed paraguay independence from spain speech 24 they Asunción. To buy guns exporters of yerba maté, for instance, was one of South America 's first in! Unpaid foreign indemnities, Paraguay had held the Chaco and was quickly chased out the. Antonio López as the nation 's farmers to the Argentine navy paraguay independence from spain 's a third of arable land. 20. World war II pressured Moríñigo to liberalize his regime in 1946 and Liberal to... Stage for the Europeans and relatively at peace with France and the state acquired about 1,000 when... Without his approval drove them off events in Buenos Aires 31 a was... Was used as a result of their connections with Paraguay in 1861 owned paraguay independence from spain Paraguay... Of plotting to overthrow Francia and forced him to resign predisposed to favor Jesuits ironically, only with attacked! More experience in the principles of republics than other Paraguayans population increased from 220,000... And portions of Brazil into her name during the revolt of Comuneros of and!