Severe restrictions on ballot access for candidates, prohibition of local independent observers at polling stations, intimidation tactics employed against opposition candidates, and the detentions of peaceful protesters and journalists marred the process. 08.12.20 14:29 Belarus' COVID-19 update: 1,649 new cases, 1,444 recoveries Society 08.12.20 14:08 Plans to refurbish, fully equip all district hospitals in Belarus in near future President However, the main challenger has rejected the results and demanded that President Lukashenko "hand over power." The United States is deeply concerned about the conduct of the August 9 presidential election in Belarus, which was not free and fair. Belarus delayed its invitation to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) to monitor the election until it was too late to arrange a mission—presumably with the hope that, in this way, it would avoid criticism for blocking impartial international observers. 1 December, 2020 . Thread starter Husky_Khan; Start date Aug 16, 2020; 1; 2; Next. Demonstrators take part in a protest rally after polling stations closed in the presidential elections, in Minsk, Belarus, 2020. Belarus announces the arrest of more than 30 Russian fighters from private military group Wagner, considered close to the Kremlin, accusing them of seeking to destabilise the run up to the election. It has been 100 days since the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko in a rigged poll in which the Belarussian leader won an improbable 80% of the vote. The most competitive presidential election campaign in Belarus for decades has seen a wave of discontent against the eastern European ... Belarus is to hold a presidential election on 9 August 2020. Belarus' Interior Ministry said Friday that it had released more than 2,000 people detained during nightly protests against election fraud after Lukashenko claimed a landslide victory of 80%. While protest activity may be declining, analysts say Lukashenko may not last until the next presidential election. Belarus elections: Could mass protests ... July 3, 2020, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko looks on during Independence Day celebrations, in Minsk, Belarus. Belarus | Week 16 of protests (23-29 November) 8 December, 2020 Belarus Daily | 8 Dec. 7 December, 2020 Belarus Daily | 7 Dec. 6 December, 2020 ... Belarusian news 2020: elections, protests, human rights violations. Maxim Guchek/BelTA Pool Photo via AP) In his sixth presidential election, the result is not in doubt, but he is being challenged like never before. Photo: EPA-EFE/STRINGER For 26 years, Aleksandr G. Lukashenko has ruled Belarus as if it were his personal fief. Belarus: Will Lukashenko make it to another election? This page contains materials collected from all over Telegram and Facebook groups and translated to English for coverage by world media. Instead, it should recognise the election in Belarus for what it was—a sham. The presidential election in Belarus is held on the basis of direct suffrage by secret ballot. 1 of 2 Go to page. Why a stolen election in Belarus matters to America and the world Thousands of protesters, including women and children, continue to lock arms in protest of what was a rigged election. Belarus President 2020; Belarus Parliament 2019; Belarus Chamber of Representatives 2016; Belarus President 2015; Belarus Parl 2012; Search Search. Why are you banning @nexta_tv, the only independent channel streaming out of Belarus during the pro-democracy uprising? Criticism and our responses Important assumptions that must hold for our conclusions to be valid are discussed by Daniel Simpson in his scientific blogpost: Assumption 1: The demographic composition of the population is … Digest. Thus, with a probability of at least 99.9%, as predicted by MRP, Lukashenka could not have had enough electoral support to win the 2020 presidential election in Belarus. The old Belarus flag, symbol of opposition to Lukashenko government, over the crowd in a meeting in Minsk of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, presidential candidate in Belarus elections 2020. Dominic Raab says UK will work to sanction 'those responsible' By Lucy Ash BBC News, Warsaw Andrei … For the past twenty-six years of its post-Soviet history, Belarus, controlled by Alexander Lukashenko, has seen many affronts to justice and the rule of law – from politically motivated murders to routine falsifications of voting protocols and figures. Protests in Belarus as disputed early election results give President Lukashenko an overwhelming victory By Mary Ilyushina, Helen Regan and Tara John, CNN Updated 2158 GMT (0558 HKT) August 10, 2020 Belarus - Presidential Election - 2020. Belarus election: UK refuses to recognise result and demands international investigation into 'grisly repression' of protests. The presidential election in Belarus was held in 2020 as planned. Belarus security forces viciously beat and detained largely peaceful protesters over the country’s election outcome on August 9 and 10, 2020, Human Rights … To win election, a candidate must poll over 50% of the valid vote, and turnout must be at least 50%. The long-time leader of Belarus, President Alexander Lukashenko, appears set to declare a landslide victory in an election that saw his toughest opposition challenge in years. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the main opposition candidate in Belarus' Sunday presidential election, has gone into hiding -- the night before challenging longtime … Aug 13th 2020 I N A ... By cutting Mr Lukashenko some slack, the West makes that more likely. 108 likes. Go. Republic of Belarus Election for President More Info: Elections in Belarus. Belarus Elections 2020. Three months on from the Belarus election, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya reflects on how her life has changed. Russia(gate/bot) Belarus 2020: Elections and Protests. Belarus' leader of 26 years warns against election protests The authoritarian leader of Belarus has his political opponents that authorities won’t … Ahead of the election result videos have emerged on social media showing large numbers of army vehicles descending on the capital. On election day, the former faced attempts to close its popular Twitter account, which was eventually restored: Hey @TwitterSupport. News Belarus election: Lukashenko wins another term, election commission says. — Yakov Feygin (@BuddyYakov) August 9, 2020 Early parliamentary elections, 17 November 2019 International Election Observation Mission press conference, Minsk, 18 November 2019 Following an invitation to observe the 17 November 2019 early parliamentary elections in Belarus, based on the findings and conclusions of the Needs Assessment Mission deployed from 26 to 30 August, and in